Kirk Goodman

Kirk is the Founder and Managing Partner of KGPC Law, and Co-Founder of Bizmark Business Markets Inc. Relying on his depth of transactional, financial and regulatory expertise gained as a Corporate & Commercial lawyer, Kirk knows how to navigate industry regulations, protect client interests, and structure deals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Leaning on his numerous industry partners and years of experience, Kirk knows what it takes to successfully close deals and provide custom-tailored legal solutions for his clients.

Marla Simpson

Marla is the firm's Paralegal and our trusted "Go-to-Gal". With over 25 years of experience in real estate, corporate and administration - she ensures the smooth operation of the Firm and happily assists all clients in completing their matters.

Hazen Evenson

Hazen is our Litigation Paralegal, and head of our firm's litigation department. He has previously worked for various local and Multi-National Collection Agencies in many roles, including as a Manager of Canadian Skip-Tracing for a large Georgia-based lender.

Through his years of experience in credit and debt recovery, Hazen enforces our clients rights utilizing many legal avenues including Garnishment, Seizure, and Forced Asset Liquidation.

Hazen is also a member in good standing of the Canadian Credit Institute.