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KGPC has substantial experience and expertise in Corporate Law. We will make every effort in understanding your needs and requirements and help you evaluate your options.

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Corporate Law that works for you.

KGPC Law has substantial experience and expertise in the areas of Corporate & Commercial Law and is able to provide individuals and businesses with a wide range of services including:

  • Business Contracts
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Contract Review
  • Incorporations
  • Professional Corporations
  • Trade Name Registration
  • Corporate Rollovers and Business Restructuring
  • Buying a Business
  • Selling a Business
  • Asset Purchase/Sale Agreements
  • Share Purchase/Sale Agreement
  • Maintaining Corporate Minute Books
  • Minute Book Reconstruction
  • Shareholders Agreement (i.e. “Unanimous Shareholder Agreements”)
  • Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Acting as Corporate Registered Office
  • Share Issuances

A personal touch.

KGPC Law provides these services with a personal touch and strives to work with your business to enable its success and growth. Our lawyers have a business background, a genuine interest in your business and will make every effort to understand its needs and requirements.

Many clients have attempted to perform the corporate work themselves and have run into problems, not realizing the early importance of consulting a lawyer. KGPC Law will happily work with you to sort out any of these post-incorporation issues — no judgement here.