The Importance Of Trademarking Your Brand

Building a brand image is an indispensable and crucial part of marketing. Everything that sets your business apart from the competition (its name, product and service names, slogans, logos and taglines) produces a brand image that your customers will come to recognize.

A brand that is distinctive and trusted will encourage customer loyalty and give you a clear edge over your competition. Your brand can become one of the most treasured things about your business as customers become familiar with it and spread the word to their own networks. This brand value can become so great that you can use it to bargain for loans with the bank or other lending institutions.

Your Trademark Stands for Your Brand

Protecting your brand and the services and products it stands for is absolutely critical to the success of your future sales. Your trademark is an important part of your brand, and registering it gives you the exclusive right to use it to sell your services and products.

Trademarks include product letters, words, logos, service names, slogans and more. Without a trademark, the competition could create a similar product or service offering, which could complicate things with your customers and the future of your business.

Five Good Reasons to Register Your Trademark

  1. It proves that the trademark is yours.
  2. It gives you select privileges to use the trademark across Canada for 15 years (and that can be renewed indefinitely).
  3. It prevents others from using a nearly identical trademark.
  4. It allows you to discover and flag infringements by others.
  5. It helps you license your trademark, which you can utilize to make money and boost your brand’s popularity.


How to Register Your Trademark

There are numerous guides that offer details on how to apply for and register a trademark, and to see what you can and can’t register. You can apply on your own or, if you prefer, hire a trademark lawyer.

First, you need to ensure your trademark is unlike those of others. If you have found a trademark that works well for your business, the first step is to search the database of trademarks in Canada to see if it is available. Take time for this important step before you invest any resources into a trademark that may not be available to use in our country.

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