Why Every Parent Should Have A Will

A valid will is a must-have for any parent. Having a will guarantees your estate is divided as per your wishes, and it ensures that the guardianship of your child or children is clearly defined. The individual you select as your children’s guardian will care for them until they are legal adults and manage any money you leave for them in your will. Alternatively, you have the ability to appoint a distinct trustee for that financial responsibility.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Guardian?

The guardian appointed in your will has the same responsibilities and rights as a biological parent. Therefore, the guardian will decide where your child will reside, look after their medical treatments and select their school. It is imperative to note that the chosen guardian must give their consent to the guardianship. Lastly, a guardianship appointed through a will lasts for 90 days, which means your chosen guardian must file for full custody within that specific amount of time.

Who Can Appoint a Guardian Through a Will?

A guardian can only be appointed through a parent who is responsible for the sole custody of their child or children. For instance, if you die and your partner or spouse does not, you are not able to bypass their right to custody with a will. If your previous spouse is still alive, but you have been given sole custody of your children, you may choose a different guardian in your will. If you and your partner or spouse pass away at the same time, both of your wills must have appointed the same guardian for it to be valid.

Final Thoughts

A valid will is crucial for any individual but has even larger consequences for parents with young children. Every parent requires a will, and to guarantee the safety and security of your children if you pass away, please consult with an experienced legal professional.

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